printer ink secret revealed

We are coming up on a month of owning my CISS (continuous ink supply system) and i'm happy to report that everything is working out fantastic. I'm not having any issues with compatibility, clogging, or leaks (This was my biggest concern). I have only printed on plain printer paper I ave not tested on photo or heavy cardstocks yet but i know i have some heat transfer paper maybe i'll give that a go. I have printed lots of documents and coloring sheets for the kids so much that i'm sure I would have needed to replace the black in by now. So at this point i can say my initial $60.00 will soon be back back in savings.

Im including some photos below of how the system is holding up. Honestly it doesn't even look like i have put a dent in those ink reservoirs. Next go around i'm gonna try out the pigment inks and not just the dye ink. They cost more then normal dye but they are suppose to produce a more vibrant print.

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Original image (everything out of the box)

Ink reservoirs (All blue ink stains are from initial install)

Cables (I keep the top closed i did have to replace the double sided tape on one clip the adesive was weak)

Ink cartridge (I wish i would have learned about this CISS sooner)


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