LIDS cancelled my order

Over the weekend I purchased four more hats from LIDS. Unfortunately they canceled one of my hats which really sucks because it was one I was really hoping to get. Sure I wanted all of them but I wanted this one just as much. It was one of the sideline hats for 2017 and was super excited for the price. The odd thing is i'm not sure why they cancelled the hat.. it's still available to purchase on the website they for whatever reason just didn't send me mine. Let me know which of the 3 are your favorite in the comments below.

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  1. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the middle throwback hat. I like retro stuff. If I can actually watch football this upcoming season, I may have to look into a new Skins hat.
    You have quite the collection Tony, good stuff man!

  2. I'm up to about 13 hats now.. still need a better way to store them. The red cap is probably my favorite of this last purchase.. the hat they cancelled was the color rush hat for the 2017 season.. the color rush jerseys last season were complete garbage but the hat was okay.


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