I Have Schizophrenia

This post is a collaboration piece with bob smeets and myself. Bob and I met on a forum based around all things horror. I'm not sure if it's just that forum or the topic itself but there are many artistic members on that message board. I wouldn't call myself a pro or even an amature i'm more of a hobbyist when it comes to art. Bob on the other hand is a pro he recently released his first graphic novel on caliber comics and is currently working on the second book.

The story goes Bob created a post on the forum one day long ago talking about his interest in film. He also provided a short film titled I have schizophrenia. Later on he posted another short with the same name adding "Part2" to the end and finally the 3rd installment Schizo part 3 was released. Each short contained a moment of his life when he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I enjoyed watching the films and seeing how Bob was progressing in each film. The 3rd installment was posted for viewing on March 9th the following week I watched the film and the other 2 several times finding my favorite scenes and recreating a story in my head. I didn't want to disrespect Bob and his work so after I finished my "mash-up" or "revision" I showed him first for his approval.

Below are two films the revision "my film" and Bob's latest installment in the series.

"It is mainly about psychosis - the static - the light and the darkness - slipping in and out of chaos and calm, which is the title of the James Bay album, which I listen to all the time, particularly hold back the river. When I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia the good friend the doctor put me on such a high dose of medication that my eyes couldn't stand the light of the hospital ward. The ceiling lights were so bright and painful. To this day my eyes are still sensitive to light. Later, when I got out of the hospital and had to do day to day things, like shopping, I was paranoid and scared of random people. I mainly feel separate or dis-associated, which is why I appear and disappear in the film. Smoking helps, though every smoker would say something like that. Learning and trying to find the truth also helps. But above all trying to stay calm helps the most. 
- Bob Smeets

"This time we explore how I usually project my demons and delusions on myself as well as other people. It get's really messy and confusing trying to figure out the passion I see.
-Bob Smeets

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