hat addiction

This addiction is a result of living in a area where my team isn't well liked. My collection started with the words "If you are a patriot fan why don't you have any patriot gear on" and my answer was "wouldn't want to remind you guys of why you can't win a superbowl" this was partially true the other reason was I never felt the need to purchase any team gear. Yet the words were spoken and the challenge was accepted. Now my addiction is fueled by the reactions I get when I proudly display my team spirit in an area it's not welcomed.

Now my collection isn't the largest but it definitely get some of the best reactions in this "steeler country". I don't go out looking for hats and i'm not always purchasing them either if that would happen I would need to file for bankruptcy.. This is not a cheap hobby.

This was my first hat in this collection it was gifted not purchased by myself. It's simple and nice this was from NFL shop I believe.

This is not a "hat" and I have never worn it. This was also a gift this thing just sits collecting dust most of the year.

This is my favorite reaction hat most people see the front and say "thank god it's not a dumb patriot hat" then i turn my head ever so slightly to reveal the glory and it's responded by "god dammit"

This is the 2018 draft cap with my role at my job this works out pretty well for a double meaning. Now with a simple point i can remind people to get back to work while reminding everyone that the pats are the best.

This is one of my most comfortable hats, it's a goto for everyday wear.

I love this hat, the throwback logo the color pop... everything about this i love.

This hat was a needed purchase, along with black and "gold" everyone around me loves hunting so getting my team in camo was a must.

This hat is okay purchased this the same time i got the throwback logo one. this doesn't pop as much as the red but i still love it.

This hat was the twist of the knife! not only does this thing look ridiculous but it rocks the black and "gold" colors of the steelers. this is the most hated hat that i have people i work with become furious when i wear this hat haha.

This is my least favorite hat i believe i grabbed this just to qualify for free shipping.. that's pretty much all i can say about this hat.

This hat was one of my favorites, it doesn't get much use now but when i first got this thing it was an all day every day hat.

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