Halfway to the big day

Roughly halfway to the big day.. HALLOWEEN!! So I figured I would share some of my favorite horror films. Let's be honest everyday is a good day for a scare. This list is just my current mood for horror films and doesn't necessarily mean these are my all time favorites. Although some would probably make that list in a heartbeat. No particular order either so no complaining on why one out ranked the other. Please feel free to let me know down in the comments which of these films makes your favorite list and which ones i should have added. Let's get into the horror!!

10. [REC] (2007)

You don't need to speak the same language to understand fear and terror. This was a random film i came across because I had seen a GIF on imgur. I was instantly intrigued and needed to see this film. I fell in love with this film i didn't care that I couldn't understand them i just knew i wanted out of this building!

09. EVIL DEAD II: Dead by dawn (1987)

This was the first film of the evil dead franchise I had the pleasure of watching. In my eyes this was the only one I needed to see it was everything I loved about horror films. Even today if it's on i will sit and watch... Groovy 

08. THE OTHERS (2001)

This is one of my early taste of "ghost stories" in film where the boogieman isn't something you can run from. There is no monster chasing you and you can't win this fight. The ending surprised me and even still I enjoy watching it.


In my family this film sat on a pedestal. It was the horror films of all horror films! This is some big shoes to fill but the ability of this film being a reality always kept me away from houses i didn't know anything about.


This man haunted my dreams which is a terrifying thing since he kills you in your dreams!!! I had to watch several behind the scene clips just to remind myself that it's just a guy in makeup..

05. THE EXORCIST (1973)

Can you make a top list of horror films without including the exorcist, if so i don't want to see it. As a kid this was terrifying knowing that the Devil or his demons could enter your body and control you. this film put me through a phase where i always wore a cross around my neck.

04. THE ORPHANAGE (2007)

This film is just an amazing story, there isn't much i can say about it that wont give away too much.


Talk about stories this is an amazing twist on the horror genre. To believe that this film talks about the audience as gods and needing to sacrifice our characters in the same cliche ways to keep them satisfied is just a trip all together.

02. THE CONJURING 2 (2016)

These films started to pop-up like crazy so i figured i would include one. This one gets the thumbs up because that nun scared the crap out of me. Again we find the boogieman to be something you can't fight you can't run from and i'm ready for this trend of "ghost stories" to finally die.

01. THE STRANGERS (2008)

Like the chainsaw massacre this draws a thin line between storytelling and reality. The psychological game of cat and mouse because you were home.Maybe a coincidence but i chose to live in a city so my neighbours could hear if a group of nut jobs decided to hunt me for fun.


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