Best Ways to Follow the Blog

Over the last two weeks I have been testing out the several ways to follow the blog. There are currently 3 options on the main page that allow you to stay up to date with everything posted here. Out of the 3 I believe there is an obvious winner but we will break them down for you below. Each option requires a different method of following; a blogger account, a google plus account, or an email address. That information alone should let you know which of the 3 is the easiest to use. Let's take a look below at your options.

A Blogger Account
Now for display purposes I would love for this to grow. As for you it may not be the best option as you will need a blogger account. You won't need a blog but will need an account on blogger to stay informed. You will have to access your account and check up on your reading list periodically to see the newest post. If you aren't a blogger then this is just a pain in the ass.

An Email Account
This does nothing for the page as far as braggin that we have followers but it does something better. It keeps you updated on the post. It will send you an email directly of the full post that you can click into to comment on. I would say the downside is you can't comment directly from the email but the biggest downside is that the emails come the following day. So all post from today will be emailed tomorrow. This is an issue if im giving away something and its first come first serve.

A Google Plus Account
Here again this looks good if this number is large but in reality this is the worst option when it comes to following. No updates no real way of knowing that post are happening on the blog It's just terrible.


  1. Should I remove some of the options to follow?

    1. I have removed the google option to follow


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